How We Get New Customers into Business Every Single Week

  1. The offer (let say 15 minute chair massage)
  2. The goal is to get them to come into the business for the first time.
  3. We use this to make an excellent first impression.
  4. We make sure that the office makes an offer to them before they leave (more on that soon).
  5. Most importantly, this offer is extremely low cost to deliver but it carries a high perceived value to our target audience.

    In short… This offer is tailored for our audience, and it is an extremely low-cost way to get our ideal customer through the door the first time
    (and give them a big incentive to come back a second time).

The Big “2x Secret” of this Process

The most important thing for any small business is to build systems that get new customers to come in two times. If you can get someone to come into your business twice, and deliver an above-average experience, the odds are high that they will be your customer for life.

That said, everything that we do from this point is designed to get the customer to come into your business twice.

Now that we have an offer, what’s next?
I hope you’re already getting some ideas on some offers you can offer in your business.

From here, we have a great offer that will attract many of our ideal customers, and now we have to get it in front of people.
To do that, we will need to build web pages/Landing page to discuss the offer.

   This is where the fun really starts  
The 2 follow up SMS Messages

Once someone puts their information into the landing page, we want to start making it easy for them to call and book an appointment to claim the offer they just said that they wanted.

As soon as they put their email into the box on the landing page and click submit, we will automatically send a couple of emails to go along with the text message.

We will send them one email right away with details, and then we’ll send them another reminder email, 24 hours later.

  • Every time a new lead comes in, we now have the call play a short message as the receptionist picks up that alerts them it’s a lead from our campaign (this is called a whisper message).
    We then record the calls to make sure they are top notch and that we have done a good job training our people to convert the lead.
  • Following up if they don’t call:
    When it comes to lead generation and getting new clients into a business, I don’t like to leave anything to chance. For that reason, we triple down on the follow-up with the lead.

Every time a new lead comes through, we send an email to the receptionist at the office we’re working with.

If the person who fills out the form doesn’t call within 24 hours, we have the receptionist reach out to them to book an appointment